So many books, so little time

As my bookshelf shows you, I have many books to read in the future and with those books come the many reviews. So the up and coming reviews on here are slightly delayed, due to my schedule. I really am just not finding the time in my day to actually sit down and read (Oh the HORROR). That being said, I am reading Lord John and the Private Matter and will be posting a review about that at the end of the week. Also tomorrow afternoon there will be a review posted on the first book of the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon with little reviews of the rest of the series accompanying it. I am doing this to prepare you for the Lord John series, since he is a secondary character within the Outlander series.  So bear with me for a day or so more till I can really get into the swing of things on here.  That’s all for now, but If I could make a plea to my readers…please email me book recommendations!!! I really want to read the things that you guys think are amazing and worth my time. My email is on the about page of this blog, so if you think of anything shoot me and email. 

Adios for now


P.S. Look at this lovely picture of High Tea that I enjoyed with my friend the other day. Amazing and I totally pretended that I was one of Jane Austen’s characters the whole time (literature obsessed much :))

English Breakfast, cucumber sandwiches, and scones...OH MY!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming

  1. Since you say within your introductionary post that you will read whatever you get your hands on, I recommend you to read The World According to Garp. It’s a wonderful story about the life of a boy born to a radical feminist during WWII and how he grows up through his mother’s influences about the sexual suspects found around the world. I think you would enjoy the story and the characters quite a bit. 😉
    Aside from my recommendation, Ilook

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