The Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

An old version, that has been lovingly read

I have had this book on my bookshelf for years and never got around to reading the series. My mother gave me this book about 7 years ago because she loved it after reading it in her book club. Now, she knows how much I love my romance stories, so this book was right up my alley.  If you start this book you will not stop so be prepared…

How to begin to outline this book…that is the question?!?! I am going to try to make this short, otherwise I am going to start giving away major plot points :).  The book starts off in Inverness, Scotland in 1945. Claire Randall and her husband, Frank, are taking a much-needed vacation together after the war, where Frank was a solider and Claire was a nurse. They both have seen unexplainable things and are trying to gain their normal married life back. All of that is about to change… Claire happens to stumble upon an ancient stone circle while looking a certain type of plant (her interest is medicine). She decides to go back one more time to see if she can find that plant and WHAM transportation back to the year 1743 (it’s a very painful process). When she wakes up after being transported she does not know anything and thinks it is all a joke. Until, Jack Randall (whom looks exactly like Frank and is English) attacks her in the forest. Coming to her rescue, is a Scot and she goes with him to his friends. This is where you meet Jaime, who is a lad with a very severe wound. Claire helps save him and they travel together with the other Scotsman to, what you come to find out later is, Jaime’s uncle’s castle. All through this time Claire is aware of Jaime and Jaime is of Claire but Claire knows that she must go back, this is not her time. The Castle (Castle Leoch) and the Clan Mackenzie embroil Claire in many different scenarios good and bad (I want to write about them all but no spoilers from me ;P). To save Claire from a particularly difficult scrape Jamie agrees to marry Claire (much to her chagrin). From then on it’s the two of them together through thick and thin. For most of the story, Jaime has no idea that Claire is from the future, only until witch trials come into play, does Jaime learn the whole truth. After that there is no stopping them together and Claire has to decide to return to her husband in the future or stay with this husband in the past. 

Ok so that was a little longer than I wanted and it really did not do this book justice because there is just so much going on and I hate spoiling books for everyone. Jaime and Claire are amazing together and separately. Both are stand out characters and you want to continue to learn their life story through this series. Their love knows no bounds and you can feel it jump off the page. Diana Gabaldon is an amazing story-teller and weaves a beautiful tale of love and loss, triumph and defeat, all while staying true to historical events. Her attention to detail through the entire series is amazing and all the characters a fully developed and become like family. To me, that is how you tell it is a good book, if the characters become your family.  If you like a romance, mystery, fantasy, historical etc. book, this one is for you. I swear to you if you pick up this book, you will not put it down and you will read all of the other books after it as well.  So go pick up  the Outlander by Diana Gabaldon from Amazon and read your hearts out! 

So this was my introduction into the world of Diana Gabaldon and the series following Jamie and Claire. To further this discussion, I will be writing a review (tomorrow?) about a spin-off from this series dealing with a secondary character, Lord John Grey. As Diana (hope you don’t mind that I have first name basis’ with these authors :)) has stated this tale about Lord John was only supposed to be a short story but it grew into a 3 book (so far) series. So onto the next book… Lord John and the Private Matter.

Slàinte  and Slàn leibh for now



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