San Fran Trip!

I have been on a mini hiatus from here due to an amazingly wonderful trip, with a bestie, to San Fran! While there we explored the city and did, of course, all the touristy things like fisherman’s wharf, golden gate bridge etc. What we also found, to my complete amazement, a bookstore worth my every fantasy. City Lights Bookseller, started up by a beat poet, is an amazing book store and independent publisher. Pretty much my dream come true. Of course we had to visit this wonderful manna from heaven, cause you all know a trip isn’t complete unless I buy a book or six.  Located on Jack Kerouac Alley (what is better than that:)), the bookstore was everything that I wanted it to be! I fell in deep, unencumbered love with the city of San Fran at that moment. Not only is it three stories of booky goodness, but there is so much history surrounding the place, that I damn near swooned. From the top floor, all poets, with its lovely poets’ chair, to the middle section where I sat on a stool in front of the british lit section with my mouth hanging open, to the basement with its quirky sayings on the walls and doors. Be still my beating heart! As much as this post is to rave to you about City Lights, it is also to tell you all that 2/3 reviews will be coming within two days! I have read so much since I returned, that I can’t wait to share it all with you! So look forward to a review of a book titled For the King, also the highly popular Fifty Shades series (be warned this series is for mature audiences only!). 

Toodles, talk with you all soon 🙂


As you can tell, I was excited!


4 thoughts on “San Fran Trip!

  1. Great post, it has me hankering for a time when I can indulge a whole day perusing every book in the book hidden places of towns and cities. Consider yourself followed.

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