For the King by Catherine Delors

For the history nerd in all of us

I have had this book on my bookshelf for quite some time, after I picked it up at my local Half Price Books for a dollar (WOOT). I was a history minor at Western, so this book immediately appealed to me (also because that dress is amazing :)).  

When the book opens Napoleon is in power in France after the revolution and he is trying to get rid of all the opposition to his power. The story follows a young police officer Roch, who with the new regime climbed to chief inspector of the city police. At the beginning of the novel there is an attempt, a bomb that blows up half of a street, on Napoleons life as he is going to the opera.  Roch, whom is spending time with his father, hears the blast and rushes to the scene. He is then recruited to help solve this treason and he works religiously to solve this problem. One because if he doesn’t and Napoleon loses power, he loses his job and two, his father, who was taken and placed in jail for treasonous talk against Napoleon, as an incentive for him to solve the treason. Roch’s world is falling apart, he has a month to find the villains or his father will be deported, his mistress, Blanche, has deceived him, and his job is in jeopardy from all sides. All the historical figures of the French Revolution come into play as Roch works tirelessly to find the answer to the treasonous plot; his loyalties become strained (especially when he finds that Blanche is not who she seemed) and in the end he finds himself (and a lady) right under his nose.

For the King incorporates all the historical accuracies of the fight between Napoleon and the royalists who wanted the King back on his throne, while also creating an intriguing drama with fictional characters in the heart of the turmoil. I enjoyed this book immensely. It catered to me love of the French Revolution and my love of romance in times of strife. The book was very well written and obviously well researched for the historical events in this book were spot on from what I remember in my french history class. These events are explained in such detail, that I learned more from this book than I did in that class. It quenched my thirst for knowledge on the after effects of the French Revolution and Napoleon (who I absolutely love, the little despot that he is). This book really transports you back in time to the years of Napoleon’s regime. I felt as if I was working right along side Roch or I could have been Blanche, struggling to find a true identity in this trying time. All the events and characters really created the world of France at that time. Speaking of characters, I enjoyed Roch as a main character, the manly man that he is, because he embodied the new French man after the revolution. He came from a very poor background, and worked hard for his position in the police force.  Roch is the heart and soul of this novel, the secondary characters (Blanche, his father etc.) really are there just to support him as he struggles for answers through out the novel. I love historical novels and this one I will forever keep on my bookshelf, for the fact that it was true to the historical events and did not pander to the romance of the revolution or Napoleon. It portrayed the time as it truly was, ugly and full of strife, but wonderful for the suppressed people of France. 

Rating: 375 pages out of 500

Up next: The Fifty Shades series by E.L. James. My first review of a true Romance novel on here, I’m super excited and get ready everyone cause this is going to be a wild ride!

Ta for now,



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