Back in the game

So this is weird…its been a while since I’ve written on here but I’m back and better than ever!┬á

I hope to begin anew yet continue where I left off of reviewing books, plus posting about changes in my life. Well let’s get started… ­čÖé

Since we left off, last August I believe, I have been reading, reading, and doing some more reading. Sadly I have lacked the ambition to post my reviews on here…disheartening to say the least. Let’s see…let’s see what have I been reading this months away: I, like many others, got swept up into the Fifty Shades craze and continued reading “lady spank” books, as my co-worker Emily calls them. I’ve read the really, really erotic ones to the lovely historical ones with occasional sex scene. All in all I can say that I won’t┬ástop any time soon, I’m too much of a hopeless romantic at heart :)!

Also I have added to my collection of books, if you remember to the picture I posted of my bookshelf, well now imagine that 5-shelf bookshelf so full and brimming with new books to read that it has spilled unto┬áthe floor and you can no longer see the bottom shelf. Alas…it has been tough to tackle and I seem to not be making any dents in clearing the floor ;). That being said, my lovely book club and I have started reading books that every girl in their 20’s should read and I will be blogging about them soon.

All in all books still dominate my life and I need to be more actively involved in this blog, since it tis mine. So look out for what is coming and I hope you enjoy.


Ta Ta for now