Revamp the blog…revamp the life

Well, it has been 3 years since I have been on this blog (how did I let this get away from me…) but for the next couple of weeks I will be revamping this blog and trying to revamp my life. What have I been doing with my life….well i’m 26 now, have a semi-firm grasp on what I want to do, still trying to figure out how to grow up, became a crazy-cat lady (I have 3!!), read like a mad-woman (220 books last year alone), and overall am just trying to get from point A to point B. 

As some of you know (do I even have any followers left?!?!) I recently accepted a job at the new Amazon bookstore in Seattle, Wa. I absolutely love being around books all day and the team I work with is freaking awesome. They keep me grounded in a crazy retail world and I am trying to get into the publishing world so I am getting my butt into gear and starting this whole project up again.


Myself at opening day of Amazon Books. I couldn’t look happier and as one of my Facebook friends posted, Hagrid is in the picture 🙂

I will be writing at least 1 review a week and 1 post will be about my adulting struggles; so this blog is about life and books and the mingling of the two.

I hope you can all bear with me as I get the hang of this again, maybe even add some videos (GASP) and get you all to enjoy taking this ride with me.

Please send me requests, comments, questions, concerns etc. to,  I want to connect with all of you at one time or another.

-Love to you all!





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